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I started Everyday Games in 2023 to create tasteful, smart mobile games that everyone can enjoy, every day for years.

Our first game is Tenet — a surprisingly deep puzzle game built around a delightful drag & drop core. It’s available for early access on iOS.

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Let's Build a Reactive UI Framework – Part 1: Data Flow

Reactive dataflow libraries like Solid and MobX are a joy to use. They can feel like magic in the same way a spreadsheet feels like magic. Change one value and watch the effects ripple through the UI.

The cool thing is that the concepts behind them are actually pretty simple! In this series of articles, I want to see if we can distill the reactive dataflow paradigm down to its essence, and implement it in a straightforward, readable way while still being correct (“glitch-free” as they say) and performant enough to build real apps.

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Hoot is a tool for dynamically generating any kind of textual content. It’s simple yet powerful. I’ve used it to generate HTML, CSS, LaTeX, SQL, and more. This website is powered by Hoot.

By way of analogy  —  Hoot : Tcl :: Jinja : Python

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